Bifocal lenses have two distinct zones of vision, typically separated in the top half and bottom half of the lenses, to address both shortsightedness and farsightedness.

By incorporating both vision prescriptions in the same pair of glasses, you remove the need to keep two pairs with you at all times, making your vision and daily living much simpler.

In order to create bifocal lenses, the upper portion of the lens surface is shaped to the right curvature and power to support long distance vision, while the lower portion is shaped for near vision. A visible line is then etched onto the lens to separate the two areas of correction. Depending on your vision requirements, the bifocal segment may include the entire lower area of the lens, or only a small segment of the lens, based on your unique needs.

Why Choose Bifocal Lenses?

When your eye exam with your optometrist reveals that your eyes struggle with both near vision and distance vision, your options will be either to get bifocal lenses (which may also come in the form of progressive lenses), or to get two pairs of single vision lenses and alternate between the two depending on the activity you’re participating in. With this said, some benefits of bifocal lenses include:

  • Greater convenience in having one pair of glasses for all of your vision needs, as opposed to switching between two single vision pairs.

  • More cost effective to have one pair of bifocals as opposed to two pairs of single vision glasses

  • Recent advances in optical technology have meant that bifocal lenses are now available in a range of thin options, to provide you with comfort and performance - as opposed to previous thicker bifocal lens options

  • Bifocal lenses are compatible with our wide range of lens coatings and other features, such as a blue light filter to improve their performance when you’re working in the office or outdoors, our crystal clear plus coating, or a scratch resistant surface.

If you’re unsure about whether bifocal lenses are right for you, or if progressive lenses containing both your optical prescriptions may be a more suitable option, get in touch with our eye care professionals over the phone or visit us in any store.

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