We’re proud to offer an extensive range of prescription glasses and lenses that not only meet your unique vision needs, but also support your comfort, safety, eye health and individual style.

While many people may view buying the right pair of glasses as a bit of a ‘luck of the draw’ depending on what’s in stock, here at The Optical Co, we know that there’s a lot more to the story. Our passionate and dedicated team of eye care professionals select a wide range of frame styles to have on offer at each of our clinics, ensuring great suitability for each face shape and a range of personal preferences. Our glasses and lenses are of extremely high-quality and sourced from leading manufacturers who use innovative technological advancements to help create the best eyewear products.

Next is our range of prescription lenses, that come with a large variety of options for customisation, such as applying a blue comfort lens coating for those working in the office, crystal clear coatings for added clarity and greater anti-reflection properties, light adaptive lenses, slim and light lenses (to pair with thin, slim frames), and many more.

Before deciding on your coatings or any other features, we take immaculate care in getting your lens prescription just right, whether you’re planning on prescription glasses, prescription contact lenses, or a combination of both.

Working with our optometry team, your vision will be thoroughly assessed, any vision problems or disturbances detected, and features about your lifestyle, preferences and work requirements noted (along with other key factors). The end result is an optimal lens prescription that sets you - and your eye health - up for success.

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Each year, we help thousands of Australians find their perfect glasses combo. To help you get to know what your high-quality eyewear with us could look like and feature, click on the titles below to see some of our common coatings, lens types, add-ons and benefits we offer. You can also browse our frame brands and other features.

Remember, your eye care professional will be with you every step of the way to help you get the best prescription and glasses, ensure they are well suited to your face shape, lifestyle and daily activities, and importantly, that you love the way you feel in them.

For any questions about our range or our assessment services, contact one of our Queensland and New South Wales clinics by selecting your preferred location here.