Digital lenses leverage the benefits of leading computer technology to offer you lenses with exceptionally clear vision throughout the entire lens - including the outside that is often less clear with traditional lenses.

Digital lenses are designed from your optometrist’s unique prescription for you based on your eye exam, and then created using precise computer-controlled surfacing equipment. The computer software is designed to not only consider your prescription needs, but also your eye movement patterns, vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt and much more.

How Are Digital Lenses Made?

  • First, your unique prescription is verified and confirmed in the system for accuracy and precision.

  • Next, your lens is designed in the system, using a proven algorithm that takes into account your prescription, eye measurements, and other factors such as frame style and position of wear. It is a very comprehensive system that considers many factors in the unique design.

  • The lens design is then used to create a digital map of the lens surface, which is then used to guide a precision computer-controlled machine that grinds the lens to the desired shape.

  • After the lens has been shaped, it is polished to a smooth finish using precision techniques to give it a smooth, clear and undistorted surface.

  • An anti-reflective coating is then applied to the lens surface to improve clarity, reduce glare, and protect the lens from scratches and other damage.

  • The finished lenses undergo rigorous quality control checks to ensure that they meet the prescribed parameters and are free of defects. We always ensure you always have the very best product at the highest quality.

Once the lenses have passed quality control, they are ready to be fitted into eyeglass frames or used in contact lenses. Overall, the digital lens manufacturing process is a highly precise process that creates high-quality digital lenses that our clients rave about.

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