There are a plethora of eye injuries per year in Australia, with more than often, all eye injuries occurring in the workplace. Alongside these injuries, comes the stress of missed work time, missed income, pain from the injury itself - and even potential longstanding damage to our vision or eye health.

This is where safety lenses and glasses are of utmost importance, being a key preventative measure in preventing eye injuries, whether you’re at work or enjoying a hobby at home. While obtaining safety glasses may be simple for those that don’t have any vision disturbances or optical needs, it becomes a lot harder for those that wear prescription glasses.

Wearing standard safety glasses over regular frames and lenses is often uncomfortable while reducing the ability of the safety glasses to offer you full side-to-side and top-to-bottom protection from flying debris, fumes, chemicals and other materials. This may also mean that your safety glasses setup will not meet the requirements of your worksite.

Prescription Safety Lenses And Glasses

Prescription safety lenses offer a simple and convenient solution by incorporating your unique optical prescription into your safety glasses. While this prescription aspect means you get optimal vision clarity and confidence at work, the nature of the safety-focused glasses means that they are built to last -  offering a lightweight frame that is impact-resistant, sturdy and highly chip resistant.

Our range of safety eyewear has several frames and styles available to get the best fit for your work requirements. All of our prescription safety lenses are made to Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS 1337.6 for personal eye protection, meaning that they meet all regulatory requirements.

By choosing to wear your prescription safety glasses, you are able to stay comfortable throughout your workday, while reducing eye strain and fatigue by constantly having your eyes and vision supported.

No Compromise On Vision

As your prescription safety glasses allow you to see just as well as your regular lenses, you don’t have to compromise on vision or clarity. You’re also guaranteed to extend the life of your other prescription eyewear by keeping them out of conditions that have a higher likelihood of damage.

To learn more about what prescription safety glasses would look like for you, contact our Queensland and New South Wales clinics by selecting your preferred location here.