Blue Comfort lens coatings help to block or filter blue light, preventing as much from reaching your eyes and causing potentially harmful health effects.

While blue light is naturally found in sunlight, these days both children and adults are exposed to a lot more blue light both day and night from our array of digital devices and occupations - whether that’s using a computer or digital notebook at work, viewing recordings of classroom lectures, or scrolling on our smartphones.

One of the problems with blue light is that it scatters more easily than most other visible light, which can make it more difficult for our eyes to focus. This is why extended screen time use has been linked in research to dry eyes, eye fatigue and strains, sleeplessness, and other eye problems.

How Does A Blue Light Filter Work?

Blue light filters applied as a lens coating to your prescription glasses work by blocking, reflecting or absorbing a portion of the blue light spectrum that is emitted from electronic screens before it enters the eye. While blue light filters don’t block all the blue light, it does make a noticeable difference to many in helping reduce eye strain and support more comfortable and relaxed vision.

Long-Term Health Benefits

As long-term exposure to blue light in high quantities can increase the likelihood of developing vision and eye problems such as macular degeneration, applying a blue light lens coating to your prescription glasses when you have a high daily exposure to blue light may help support your long term eye health and overall wellbeing.

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