High-index or ‘slim and light’ lenses are a modern type of lens material that makes them much thinner and lighter than traditional lenses, particularly when you have a strong optical prescription. This means you can have an easy, effective and attractive alternative to thick, weighty lenses that may feel heavy or uncomfortable.

How Are Slim And Light Lenses Made?

High-index slim and light lenses are made from denser materials than traditional lenses, which allows them to bend light more efficiently. In order to create slim and light lenses, you start with obtaining your accurate optical prescription from an eye exam with your optometrist and then using leading technology to correctly shape the high-index lens material to your optimum prescription. The lens is then polished to create a smooth surface, and any lens coatings (such as blue light filtering or anti-scratch coatings) are applied to best match your unique eye health and vision needs. Following this, your lenses are mounted onto the frames you have selected to produce eyewear that is light, comfortable and offers excellent vision and acuity.

Are Slim And Light Lenses Right For Me?

There are a few factors to consider when deciding whether high-index lenses are the best option for you. The first is the style of eyeglasses that you’re wanting. Many people view their glasses as an extension of themselves and their personality, and as such, want a very specific type of look and style. If your preference is for thicker eyewear with thick frames, then high-index lenses may not be the best fit for you.

Next is comfort and whether you have a history of eyeglasses slipping down your nose, or leaving indents in the nose or eye area due to their weight. With thicker glasses typically being heavier, there is a greater risk of discomfort, red marks and nose slippage. If this is a concern for you based on your previous experience with eyewear, then you may want to consider slim and light lenses.

Additionally, you should consider the ‘eye magnifying’ effect that some thick, strong prescription lenses create - very common and iconic from the 90’s as there were few other options. If this is a concern, the slim and light lenses can help eliminate this distortion.

While the cost of high-index lenses is generally higher than standard lenses, many people find the comfort and appearance benefits to far exceed any additional costs, particularly when they’re being used for everyday wear.

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