A contact lens consultation ensures you get the right prescription, type, and fit for your contact lenses - all of which contribute to optimising your vision, eye health and overall well-being.

Our leading team of eye care professionals across our Queensland and New South Wales clinics understand how important having the option to be able to wear contact lenses is to many Australians, so we always take great time and care in helping you get the best contact lenses for your needs.

During your contact lens consultation, we’ll run you through everything you need to know about wearing contact lenses, looking after both the lenses and your eye health, as well as how to recognise the signs when something’s not right so you reduce the risk of eye irritation, dryness, discomfort and other eye problems.

When it comes to selecting the best-suited contact lens type, you may choose from:

  • Soft contact lenses: being the most commonly used type of contact lenses, these lenses are made of a soft, flexible material that allows for high levels of oxygen to reach the eye. They come in daily wear, extended wear, and disposable options.

  • Gas permeable contact lenses: these lenses are more rigid, being made of a stiffer material and allow for more oxygen to reach the eye. Gas permeable lenses may be better suited for those with certain types of corneal irregularities or astigmatism.

  • Hybrid contact lenses: these are a combination of soft and gas permeable lenses, offering the benefits of both types of lenses.

  • Disposable contact lenses: these are soft lenses that are used for a set period of time, typically one day to one month, and then disposed of. Daily lenses may be better suited to those who suffer from hayfever, allergies or other irritations and find relief from a fresh pair of contact lenses each day.

  • Extended wear contact lenses: these are soft lenses that can be worn for a week or more without removing them, but they should still be taken out and cleaned regularly.

  • Daily wear contact lenses: these are soft lenses that are worn during the day and removed at night for cleaning and disinfecting.

  • Multifocal or bifocal contact lenses: these are contact lenses that have more than one prescription power in each lens, allowing for clear vision at multiple distances. They are designed for people who need correction for both near and far vision.

  • Coloured contact lenses: these can enhance the natural beauty of your eyes with depth and definition, or allow you to try any colour on the spectrum, from bright blue to warm brown

In order to be prescribed contact lenses, your eye care professional will need to ensure that you have both the right prescription by assessing your vision, and that the right measurements and other tests are completed to ensure the contact lens will be best-suited to your eye shape and your unique eye characteristics.

To learn more about the benefits of wearing contact lenses or to make an appointment to find a lens style which best suits you, contact your nearest Optical Co clinic here, or use your current prescription to shop for your contact lenses online.