Our team at The Optical Co are proud to offer a wide range of eye health services across our Queensland and New South Wales clinics, to help you get the best outcomes for your vision and eye health both now, and in the decades to come.
As problems with vision and eye health can impact all parts of your life - from your job to safely managing your home and helping you stay active, we take every eye concern very seriously, giving it the care and attention it deserves. The eye is a very complex structure, with many eye conditions, problems and diseases having the potential to damage your eye and vision beyond repair, especially when left detected or untreated. With up to 90% of all vision loss being preventable, this is where we invest greatly in our technology, our people and our eye health services, so we can continue to deliver optimal, world-class care for our clients. Our friendly team of eye care professionals are highly experienced in treating a range of eye health and vision concerns, whether you need help in correcting your eyesight, suffer from dry eyes, colour impairment, eye strain, or a medical condition such as diabetes, high-blood pressure or glaucoma, or something else. Every treatment plan is designed uniquely for your needs, and preferences, and to help optimise your quality of life. When problems are identified, we take prompt action to create a treatment and management plan, and if serious, refer you to an ophthalmologist immediately.   Learn more about our eye health services by clicking on one of the links below, or if you have any questions, please contact one of our local clinics here.