If you hold a valid Medicare card, you may be eligible for a bulk billed eye test with our team across our Queensland and New South Wales clinics.

Eye tests are essential in understanding the status of your vision and eye health, especially as signs of degeneration can be present even without any symptoms or disturbances to your vision. This is why eye examinations with a registered eye care professional are recommended every two years in Australia, or every year if you’re over 65 years.

Here at The Optical Co, as Medicare registered optometrists, we’re proud to offer bulk billing to eligible individuals through Medicare to help make this important service even more accessible, supporting you in maintaining your vision for life.

Our knowledgeable and experienced optometry team offers a comprehensive eye test service at every appointment. Alongside taking your history and noting any concerns or symptoms you may have, we perform visual acuity testing, refraction testing, examine your eyes in detail using a microscope, test your visual field, and much more. This allows us to rapidly identify problems or risk factors, as well as create the right prescription for any glasses or contact lenses.

Our clinics have a wide range of examination techniques, including digital retinal photography and optical coherence tomography scans to help identify diseases and conditions such as glaucoma, retinal detachment, cataracts, macular degeneration, and complications from diseases including diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol.

Importantly, if you already wear prescription glasses or contact lenses, we’ll be able to update your prescription requirements, if needed, so your vision can always be at the top of its game.

Book your bulk billed eye test at our Queensland and New South Wales clinics by selecting your preferred location here.